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Eat dogs!

Little girl with crooked teeth got DNA treatment to fix her smile but ended up looking like a smiley horse :(

popeye fineally out to see sees what he thinks is a mermaid after trying to find the leaky faucet. sounds like a hitchcock movie but with a happy ending. she got the d

I sung today, and I wrote like a pencil, I became Churchill, then died like snoopy. I dreamed of waves, of camera and mountains, and today I see myself, in the mirror. I'm just an ordinary girls but that has big dreams. Let me dreams begin.

My pencil is female, she likes mountain biking and fresh water.

He ran up the stairs using every muscle in his body. 'God! These stairs felt like mountains' he thought. his teeth jittered in excitement. he saw her sleeping. as beautiful as a flamingo. and gave her a kiss.

mermaid fell in love with a human but because she is female she cant marry the human so she killed herself with a chair and recorded

Science defines us all. From humans to horses, we are all made of the same material.

Hitchcock was really into sports until one day he heard jazz floating down to the New York City streets from an apartment above. It blew his mind. From this day forward he heard everything differently, saw everything differently. You could say his very DNA was altered and he was inspired to create instead of following the passions of his youth. Film was born.

That's the story of a website with an apparently cool concept : 5 pics, 45 seconds to tell a story. Unfortunatelly, this site seems to be down, cuz i can't see any pics. Nevermind !